What are cookies?

Many websites that you view store small text files on your computer. This makes your computer recognizable during your visit and during a follow-up visit. We call such files 'cookies'.

What do cookies do?

There are 3 types of cookies.

  1. Essential cookies
    Certain cookies are necessary to hold settings or preferences during a visit to the website or till a next visit. Suppose you do not want cookies from a certain website. That website can 'remember' that by placing a cookie. Without cookies you will be bothered with the same questions every time.
  2. Analytical cookies
    There are cookies that tell the website which pages you view, in which order, and for how long. This results in web statistics that can help to better tailor the website to the visitors. Similar cookies are, for example, to conduct online surveys.
  3. Other cookies
    For other cookies, it is necessary to request permission, including tracking cookies.

No personal data

Cookies such as uses do not contain personal data. Such cookies therefore cannot simply be used to identify yourself. This would require additional information: for example a combination of type 3 cookies with your login data for third party websites (these login details can often be traced back to your person). Without any additional information, cookies do not constitute a threat to your privacy.

Do you object to cookies?

If you use the site of, you automatically agree to the placing of cookies of type 1 and 2. For type 3 cookies you must give explicit permission.


Do you want to exclude cookies altogether? You can do this via the settings of your browser (internet program).

Which cookies does place?

Below you can see which cookies places for each of the 3 types mentioned under 'What do cookies do?'.

Essential cookies (type 1)

The following cookies from are required for the website to work:


NameValid forPurpose
allowcookies1 yearRemembers whether you accept type 3 cookies or not. Moreover, this cookie contains a unique number with which we can prove your consent.

Analytical cookies (type 2) collects data for anonymous statistics about visits to the website. This is done with the Analytics product of the company Google. adheres to the privacy legislation during processing.
The website works with cookies and javascript codes to store the following data:

  • The IP-address of your internet provider;
  • the browser you use (like Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox);
  • from which page you enter;
  • when and how long you visit;
  • which pages you view on


NameValid forPurpose
_ga2 yearUsed to distinguish visitors.
_gid24 hoursUsed to distinguish visitors.
_gat1 dayUsed to regulate the data collection.
AMP_TOKEN90 seconds up till 1 yearUsed for identification for the AMP service.
_gat_gtag_UA_11391427_290 daysUsed for AdWords campaign data when linked to Google Analytics.

Other cookies (type 3) uses third-party services to gather further data about visitors. These services place tracking cookies when the visitor has given permission.


NameValid forPurpose
_hjIncludedInSample1 yearUsed by Hotjar whether to include the visitor in analysis or not.
_pk_id2 yearsUsed by LeadExpress to determine if the visitor is a new or reterning visitor.
_pk_ses30 minutesUsed by LeadExpress to collect which pages have been viewed during the visit.