IT manager at Den Hartogh

Perry van Dam

Perry van Dam started in 2008 as Application project manager at Den Hartogh. Nowadays he is responsible for the IT department as IT manager and he has taken on a large part of the marketing and communication. Softmedia has developed the corporate website and an "Employee Portal" for Den Hartogh. Perry talks about the cooperation with Softmedia.

Perry van Dam - Den Hartogh

About Den Hartogh

Den Hartogh, originally a family business started in 1920, has grown into a company with around 1100 employees. The large chemical companies are their main customers. Den Hartogh transports chemicals and gases, cleans tanks and gives advice to customers. By offering more service in the customers logistic process, Den Hartogh creates a win-win situation. Europe is well represented with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and Italy. Den Hartogh is also active in cities such as Singapore and Dubai. The head office is located in Rotterdam and employs between 150 and 250 employees.

"For me, Softmedia is a supplier that really thinks along.
This is a company with which we want to enter into a long-term relationship."​


How the website used to be

Den Hartogh had a website 10 years ago, but it had been outdated for a long time. The website was not representative. No one within Den Hartogh had been involved with the website.

In 2010, new marketing communication objectives were formulated. One of these was the renewal of the website. Because we started working more 'global', the website also had to have a global 'look & feel'. In word and image, the website must be able to speak to people worldwide.

Employer portal

The switch to an improvement

In 2012 the process for the new website started. Perry had drawn up a list of requirements and on this basis a number of suppliers were invited and assessed. The requirements included criteria about the layout, fonts and wishes about Den Hartogh's appearance.

Website Den Hartogh

The choice for Softmedia

Two suppliers remained who met the wishes of Den Hartogh. They also chose Softmedia because the designer, which works for Den Hartogh regularly, has worked with Softmedia before. He was very satisfied with that collaboration. Softmedia also uses the same way of thinking. As a result, they have come up with concrete ideas about the technical and visual content of the website.

Perry describes Softmedia

Softmedia for me is a supplier that really thinks with us. This is a company with which we want to enter into a long-term relationship. They have not only taken care of the construction of our website and intranet, they are also the extension of the marketing communication department.

The new website, which has been active since 2013, functions as the Den Hartogh Corporate website. The website shows who Den Hartogh is and what they stand for. There are photos and videos and news items are shared. There is an extensive job bank where people can upload their resumé. In addition, Softmedia has also developed an extensive employee portal.

Would you recommend Softmedia?

"Yes, I certainly would! We have short lines and if we have a question, they pick it up quickly. We share the same vision and they immediately understand what I mean and translate what I have in mind in an image and technique." Perry indicates in conclusion.

Perry would therefore certainly recommend Softmedia
and gives Softmedia a: 8

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