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Marc van Pelt

Marc van Pelt has established Housing XL together with Thijs van Herpen. Both entrepreneurs have more than 10 years of experience in the rental market. Housing XL has rapidly grown into one of the largest leasing companies in the Netherlands. Marc tells how Softmedia helped them to realize this growth.

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Housing XL in a nutshell

HousingXL specializes in the rental mediation of housing in the Netherlands. The supply is very diverse with bare, unfurnished or fully furnished rental properties. That is why HousingXL not only serves students but also expats and families.

A complex platform

It has been quite a challenge to serve the potential tenant, the landlord and the franchisee on one platform. At the start of HousingXL we developed a very 'basic' website with Softmedia. This has become increasingly complex over the years. Every day, the supply of homes changes and prospective tenants join. A manageable system is essential for a franchisee. At HousingXL, Marc is responsible for the optimization of the website. A good cooperation with Softmedia is very important to him.

"Softmedia helped us optimize our online processes, which gives us time and makes working together a lot easier."

What is the purpose of the website?

"We want to optimize all processes: the website, the platform and the intranet. The website has been built exactly as we have drawn up the process. On the intranet we have contact with the franchisees and they can spar with each other. As a result, the website is user-friendly for the visitor who is looking for a home. "

"Previously, franchisees created an invoice in Word and mailed it, and billing and payment is now being done through the platform developed by Softmedia, an example of time optimization!"

HousingXL webdesign

For whom is Softmedia interesting?

"Softmedia can help organizations optimize processes by building tailor-made websites aimed at bettering those processes, which saves us time and makes working together much easier!"

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How do you rate Softmedia?

"That would be a big 8.5!
Softmedia quickly picks up things. I just have to call or email them and they get to work. The collaboration is mainly done by telephone, but I also sometines visit Softmedia at their office. "

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