Actress and founder of Cinetree

Hanna Verboom

Actress Hanna Verboom is founder of the platform Cinetree. Softmedia developed an online platform for video on demand (VOD) and the website for Cinetree. Read here how Hanna experiences the cooperation with Softmedia.

What is Cinetree?

What is Cinetree?

Cinetree is a video on demand platform for stories that need to be told. Cinetree curates existing content, makes a selection in the worldwide film offering with important themes and stories that connect to you. Cinetree offers this content via the Cinetree website. Cinetree uses the full profit from the sale of subscriptions to produce new films and documentaries.

website Cinetree

Hanna and Cinetree

Hanna started Cinteree in 2013 from her dream to make films and from the growing need of society for film curation. She has been looking for a business model where she is not dependent on investors, a model that facilitates not only the production but also the distribution of films and where new things can arise.

Softmedia and Cinetree

Hanna ended up at Softmedia via Wouter. She also worked with Wouter for the 'Get it Done' project. When the question arose to develop a film platform, she immediately phoned him. Cinetree has not let other parties come along because Hanna thinks Wouter is one of the best developers.

"A good developer is essential in the construction of
a complicated platform like Cinetree. I am so happy that
Softmedia ensures that everything just works."


Cinetree is an online platform for Video On Demand (VOD)

Softmedia has been commissioned by Cinetree to build a platform where you can screen and recommend movies. In addition, the film platform needed a smooth user flow to ensure that the platform became a comfortable environment for film lovers. "

More about the Cinetree platform

Cinetree screenshots

Why did you choose Softmedia?

"Because Wouter is really one of the best developers, you can see that in the work he delivers. But it's also nice that Softmedia can work well with Start-ups. I can always call or email Wouter and he's incredibly loyal." says Hanna full of praise.

Would you recommend Softmedia?

"I would highly recommend Softmedia to the full 100%, especially to organizations that want to contribute to this world. I am pleased that Softmeda ensures that everything just works."

Hanna Verboom reviewed the collaboration
with Softmedia with a: 9 or a 10!

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