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Quality through data insight

The Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF) is the umbrella organization for physiotherapists in the Netherlands, with over 19,000 members. In the KNGF we found a partner with serious ambitions, with which we could work together towards the set goal: the development of the platform in which treatment data of all physiotherapists are visualized.


National Database for Physiotherapy

The KNGF has taken the initiative to set up the National Database for Physiotherapy (LDF): a gathering place for quality information. The members have insight into their treatment data via the LDF Feedback tool. The LDF enables practitioners and physiotherapists to monitor and improve the quality of their treatments. The KNGF asked us to further develop this platform.

LDF Feedbacktool

A good preparation

The KNGF had drawn up a plan of wishes and requirements, together with users and stakeholders. They wanted more features, but above all a better user experience. We've given shape to these plans in several rounds of discussions, making ideas more concrete with new designs. This helped the client to better visualize the end result.

Online application


Good collaboration between three parties was needed for the project. In addition to the KNGF as a client, Mediquest would take care of the data delivery. They are the market leader in collecting quality data in healthcare. We provided the visualization of this data. This collaboration required regular communications between the parties and flexibility to work together and to come to solutions. The work of Mediquest and us had to be closely coordinated in order to develop the application in parallel.

Data visualization KNGF

The link between wish and realization

Our experience with data visualization enabled us to realize the wishes of the KNGF in the data tool. The result is a user-friendly web application in which treatment data is visualized in a well-organized way.

Tailor-made data visualization

Tailor-made data visualization

Whereas in the old platform the same diagrams were used for all views, in the new platform we used tailor-made visualizations, such as donut and bar graphs and uniquely created visuals that clearly display the data fitting the subject.

Online dashboard KNGF

An intuitive user experience

Users have a number of filtering options to dive into the data without getting bogged down by too many options. In the interface we've applied web conventions to achieve a good and intuitive user experience.

What's your goal?

We found a partner In the KNGF with serious ambitions, with whom we could collaborate towards the set goal. Do you need a party that works with you to achieve your goals? Then contact us!

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