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Nationwide network for walking therapy

Chronisch ZorgNet aims to improve the treatment of Claudicatio intermittens, reduce costs and train a nationwide network of specialist physiotherapists.


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One step ahead for ClaudicatioNet

Claudicatio Intermittens is an expression of Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAV). The Dutch situation is based on 800,000 to one million people with PAV, about half of whom have Claudicatio complaints. ClaudicatioNet is a care network that connects patients, physiotherapists, general practitioners and vascular surgeons.
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Chronisch ZorgNet

The care finder

Patients find extensive information about Claudicatio Intermittens on the website If a physiotherapist is mentioned on the website, a patient knows that it has been certified by ClaudicatioNet and receives the right treatment. The website is aimed at physiotherapists and other professionals. This includes, among other things, "The Care finder" ; a module with which the nearest Claudicatio physiotherapist can be found.

profile page

Personal profile

Relevant information about therapists can be viewed by visitors themselves via the public portfolios. Therapists can maintain a personal profile themselves, which also shows the progress of the specialization. Every physiotherapist has a profile with an overview of information meetings, basic trainings and courses. The website also offers a wide range of tools for therapists to share their knowledge and keep them up-to-date.

Referral System

The Referral System

Innovative in healthcare is the Chronisch ZorgNet referral system. Vascular surgeons refer patients through the website directly to the closest specialist therapist. The therapist receives the name and phone number of the patient, and must contact him within 2 days, so that the treatment is started as soon as possible. If the therapist does not contact within 2 days, referral is passed on to the next nearest therapist.

online dashboard

Online dashboards

Using a national database of treatments creates the possibility to set up a benchmark to compare the mutual performances and to promote quality improvement. In this way, treatment results are made clear on an individual, regional, national level.

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Significant reduction in costs

The care provided is made transparent for care providers and patients. By sharing the results, the network and treatments eventually become much more transparent and cost-efficient.


"From the first moment we had good contact, everyone at Softmedia has a lot of good ideas, they are very creative, they really want to help us, think along and are enthusiastic."


Loes Hellegers is National Coordinator at Chronisch ZorgNet and talks about her experiences with Softmedia.

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