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Holst Center is an independent research & development center that develops technologies for wireless autonomous sensor technology and flexible electronics.


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Holst Centre
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Open Innovation

Softmedia developed the responsive website of Holst Center. The website provides an overview of the work areas, the employees, career possibilities and the projects that are being worked on. Innovative projects in the field of global societal challenges in healthcare, lifestyle, sustainability and "the Internet of Things".

HolstCentre career

Looking for talent

An important feature of Holst Center is its partnership model with industry and academia. Holst Center was founded in 2005 by imec and TNO and is supported by local, regional and national governments. Holst Center is located at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, has more than 200 employees from around 28 countries and a commitment from more than 40 industrial partners. The website shows how it is to work at Holst Centre. They are always looking for new talent. The vacancy page is therefore an important part of the website.

Responsive website

Responsive webdesign

With the innovative nature of HolstCentre, an innovative website naturally fits. The website is therefore fully responsive and optimized for both the top, tablets and smartphones. Responsive web design means that the layout of the website adapts to the screen of the visitor. For example, elements on a desktop computer can be presented visually differently than on a smartphone.

online jaarverslag HC

The online annual report

Softmedia also developed the new online annual report for HolstCentre. An innovative way to present a new Executive Report every year. Due to the many developments, the annual report can be quickly updated or supplemented online if there are new developments. The online annual report is always up-to-date.

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Voordelen van een online jaarverslag

The great advantage of an online annual report is that you can easily make changes. It also saves a lot of costs compared to an old-fashioned paper version and has many more possibilities. You can offer the reader a real interactive experience. For example, add videos, interviews, images and interactive charts. A responsive online annual report is also accessible for users who want to view it on a mobile device.

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