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Working and living in the Netherlands

The Holland Expat Center South website is a great source of information for expats who live and work in the south of the Netherlands.


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Holland Expat Center South
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The website of The Expat Center South sometimes is a first encounter with the Netherlands and especially Brabant and Limburg. The regional pages of Eindhoven and Maastricht are managed by the relevant region itself. Here specific information about the own region can be published and managed.

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Meeting and Greeting the Dutch

The website also contains a lot of information about habits, Dutch culture and more formal information. It can easily be browsed through the website by using tags in a smart way. These tags make it very easy for the visitor to quickly find the right information within certain themes.


Responsive design

The responsive website ensures that the visitor has a good user experience on every device. The layout adapts to the size of the screen of the visitor. The website consists of a flexible grid of text, navigation and images that are positioned on the basis of the device and screen size.

Holland Expat Center South

Optimized for mobile

The responsive website is optimized for mobile. It gives the visitor a perfect user experience on the smartphone.

Holland Expat Center South

Perfectly in tune with the visitors

The navigation and the menu of the website is arranged on different types of visitors. Holland Expat Center South focuses on expats, companies and partners. This way every visitor quickly navigates to the right part of the website.

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