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We are proud that we have been able to make various websites for Eindhoven Airport such as Blog Trippers, Anti-Christmas Stress, Eindhoven Airport Run, Drop & Go, Always Easy and a number of others.


Blogtrippers; Share your best travel story!

Blogtrippers is a competition from Eindhoven Airport for making the most beautiful travel report. You can participate by creating a profile and uploading your most beautiful story and photos. You can then share the submission via your social media accounts. Visitors can cast their vote online. The winner will travel to multiple European destinations in two weeks time.

Eindhoven Airport

Eindhoven Airport Run

Eindhoven Airport is constantly changing and therefore organized a get together with its surroundings, the Eindhoven Airport Run. The organization of the running competition looks back with satisfaction on a very successful event. Check out the impression of Eindhoven Airport Run 2016.

Eindhoven Airport

Anti-Christmas Stress

In the run-up to the Christmas rush around Eindhoven Airport, the airport organized an action to "de-stress" visitors. Visitors could submit an "anti - Christmas stress" wish. The wish could be shared with friends via social media and the wish could be voted on the website. The wish with the most votes was actually fulfilled!

Eindhoven Airport

Drop & Go

At Eindhoven Airport you can independently, easily and quickly check in your suitcase with Drop & Go. The website explains quickly and clearly, including through a video, what the conditions are that you have to meet in order to use this service. This way, visitors will become familiar with this service.

Eindhoven Airport

Online house style manual

In order to introduce, among other things, new house style and communication guidelines, we developed an internal website for Eindhoven Airport where employees and other stakeholders could view the manual in a protected environment.

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