UEFA - Top Executive Programme

In collaboration with UEFA-TEP we develop applications to support employees and the 55 national associations to get more insights from their data.

Score with data!

Complex information clearly presented and reduced to the core. For many years we have been working closely with UEFA-TEP (Top Executive Programme), to devise, design and develop applications to support UEFA employees and the national associations.

Making data insightful

UEFA-TEP was looking for solutions to make large amounts of financial and operational data more transparent and get a better insight. The UEFA Top Executive Programme supports directors and policy makers of the 55 national football associations with relevant facts & figures.

Online dashboards

We have developed online dashboards to provide more insights into complex information in a smart and well-organized way. With these dashboards, UEFA employees and policy makers of the national associations, are proactively facilitated and supported.

Data visualizations
for new insights

The UEFA TEP applications consist of various tools and interactive dashboards. From global overviews to very specific spreadsheets at detail level. With our tools, users can make comparisons that were previously not possible. Based on these new insights, better conclusions can be drawn at the board level and decisions can be made in a more focused manner.

Online benchmarking

How are performances compared to competitors or how does a country perform compared to the European top 5? The online dashboards make it possible to benchmark in different ways with the data from other countries. This can also be done with pre-defined or custom peer groups. The online dashboards can be focused on subject or performance level, globally or in the smallest detail.

Exclusive access

The users of the online applications are UEFA employees and the directors and policy makers of the 55 European football associations. Because the data is very sensitive, access is highly secured and pentested regularly. The rights for user accessibility within the applications can be set at different levels and functionalities.

Custom dashboards

Based on personal preferences and usergroup settings, an up-to-date overview is generated based on the most recent data. Information is clearly presented and brought back to the core through custom data visualization.

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