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Social Intranet

An intranet with which the colleagues of all branches and departments are in contact with each other and keep abreast of the latest developments within the organization. An intranet to connect colleagues, share knowledge and collaborate online.

Van Wijnen
Van Wijnen Intranet

A customized intranet

Commissioned by Van Wijnen N.V. we have developed a completely customized intranet. The intranet is the way to share knowledge, collaborate online and connect colleagues. The intranet offers functionalities such as news reports, agenda and employee overviews, also message channels and access to external communication resources. All information is easy to search through a handy search function.

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Responsive intranet

Van Wijnen

Through notification functions and the Android and iOS apps, interactivity between employees is extra stimulated. Employees can indicate for themselves which news topics, branches or message channels they want to receive notifications. If you mention @ in a conversation, you will also receive a notification.

Van Wijnen

Collaborate and share knowledge

The profiles of the employees form the foundation of the intranet. This way, new colleagues are welcomed and jubilees are put in the limelight. Through an overview of all colleagues, one can quickly find out which knowledge is present within the organization. Via a personal message channel, direct contact can be made, even if someone works at a different location or needs information along the way.

mobiel intranet

Responsive intranet

It does not matter whether you use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, because of the responsive interface of the intranet and the associated apps, the intranet works perfectly, anywhere and on any device!

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"We experience the cooperation with Softmedia as very pleasant. When something is done, it usually works perfectly. And if things do not go as planned, they are quick problem solvers."


Anja Gouw - Communication Adviser at Van Wijnen
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