Intelligent LED solutions

eldoLED is a global player in the design and production of intelligent solutions for LED-based lighting systems. For eldoLED Softmedia developed the corporate website, a product catalog app and the website for subsidiary PowerPix.



Matching your requirements

In order to be able to search quickly and easily within the large assortment of the highly specialized products, extensive search functionalities have been developed that make it easy to search for properties and specifications. Detailed product information, in the form of Data and Specifications sheets, is generated as a PDF document. These can then be downloaded by the visitor. The eldoLED website also presents corporate news, extensive product information, explanations of the various applications and contact and dealer information.

eldoLED app

Digital product catalog

The products of EldoLED are in full development and the product lines are continuously being developed. That is why we developed a digital product catalog. The iOS app presents the products with up-to-date information. For example, representatives of eldoLED can provide visitors to the exhibition stand with up-to-date information and send them directly by email. This information is retrieved from the app and corresponds to the information from the website. The iOS application is also made available in the AppStore.


PowerPix Smart Monitor

For the lighting projects of PowerPIX, an analysis tool has been developed to provide insight into the performance of light installations and easily monitor them. By means of this data visualization a project can easily be monitored. If there is a problem in the system, then it is immediately visually visible where and what it concerns. With an extensive filter, error messages are also easier to trace than before.


Creating landmarks

PowerPIX is part of eldoLED for which a new website has been developed. Powerpix offers fully integrated solutions for power, control and diagnostics and can be adapted to any architecture. The website provides information about projects, products and parts, among other things.


Light is our passion, your product our drive

Smart and efficient systems that meet the needs of an increasingly energy-conscious world. The products make it possible to integrate visual lighting effects in, for example, buildings, media fa├žades, stage lighting and retail lighting.

What can we do for you?

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