CEO of the BOSK

Wouter Bos

Our former deputy prime minister is now chairman of the board of the BOSK and chairman of the board of the VU medical center. Softmedia has developed the website for the BOSK. Read how Wouter Bos experienced the cooperation with Softmedia.

Wouter Bos - BOSK

The mission of BOSK

The BOSK used to be a Bond of Parents with Spastic Children. Nowadays, the BOSK has grown into a platform where people with physical disabilities find and help each other. The BOSK helps in the search for dealing with disabilities and acts as a representative.

BOSK website

Wouter gives BOSK a warm heart

Wouter Bos himself had a brother with a severe handicap who died at the age of fourteen. With his chairmanship he tries to help the BOSK in this difficult time of a lot of subsidy cuts.

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BOSK without Softmedia

BOSK had an old-fashioned website that suited an old-fashioned organization. Little interaction was possible on the old website. The BOSK published a lot of information on the website in the hope that parents found the right information. With the new website, BOSK wants members to be able to help each other by sharing experiences. The new website must provide space for easy contact with like-minded people, a kind of 'community'.


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The assignment for Softmedia

When we started the process for a new website, Softmedia was recommended to me by a friend. At that moment we had already taken another party in our hand, where we could not just get out of it. Because our expertise is not in building websites, I asked Softmedia to act as an independent advisor.

Softmedia has done this unpaid for the BOSK. In the end, the other company proved unable to deliver what they had promised. Then I immediately came to Softmedia to ask if they could promise to deliver a good website.


"After I had spoken with Softmedia, I was convinced in the collaboration and they have more than lived up to that!"


Wouter Bos: "The knowledge in the field of websites, IT and infrastructure does not go far in a small association. That is why I really needed someone I could trust. "After I had spoken with Softmedia, I was convinced in the collaboration and they have more than lived up to that!"

Homepage BOSK

Why Softmedia?

"They do what they promise without costs getting out of hand. They know what you need. They advise us in the existing possibilities, so that we can better map out our wishes."

What advantages does the BOSK experience through the new website?

The website is now much more accessible for members. It is much easier to get in touch with each other. Parents who have a child with a disability are faced with many surprises. The website ensures that these people come into contact with people who have experienced the same. But also spastic youths between the ages of 16 and 18 meet online to talk about their sexuality, for example. There are many different target groups and that is why it is so important that the website structure is good.

Why choose Softmedia?

Because Softmedia is very reliable, they are interesting for companies and organizations that have limited expertise in the field of websites. Because you are dependent, you have to be sure that the webdeveloper can handle the responsibility. And you can count on that with Softmedia.

Wouter Bos reviewed the cooperation with Softmedia with a: 9

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