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Loes Hellegers

Softmedia developed for ClaudicatioNet an extensive online platform consisting of the websites for patients and, aimed at therapists and professionals. Loes talks about her experiences with Softmedia.

Loes Hellegers - ClaudicatioNet

What is ClaudicatioNet?

Loes is national coordinator at ClaudicatioNet; an integrated care network that brings patients, physiotherapists, general practitioners and vascular surgeons in contact with each other. ClaudicatioNet strives for transparent and high-quality care for all patients with peripheral vascular disease in the Netherlands.

Claudicationet website

The goal of ClaudicatioNet

The main purpose of ClaudicatioNet is to reduce costs. If 80% of the patients were to follow the therapy, 33 million euros per year could be saved in the Netherlands. Furthermore, surgery involves many risks, therapy does not. It is therefore also a safer solution for people with this condition.

A busy bee!

Loes travels throughout the country, has contact with health insurers and physiotherapists, does the accounting, works on new systems, thinks about the strategy and organizes the annual ClaudicatioNet congress. She is working daily with the interactive website and database that Softmedia has developed for them.

"ClaudicatioNet wants a website with a method behind it and all kinds of administrative matters that have to be checked automatically."


ClaudicatioNet before Softmedia

"ClaudicatioNet had a website before they came in contact with Softmedia, but it no longer met the requirements."


"The 'developer' of that website was far away and the communication was via e-mail or telephone. This sometimes caused problems. In addition, there were more and more errors in the website, such as e-mails that were no longer automatically sent, causing a lot of confusion among the connected physiotherapists. Because the website became more and more complex, we chose not to improve the old website but to have a completely new website built. "


"For example, the physical therapists must be checked, for example, on the appropriate training. If we have to check all that ourselves, it will take days. But that is not all, there must be a webshop, literature must be easy to add and the database must be easy to adjust. This is a whole list of criteria that is very important to us. That is why we were looking for a company on which we could rely 100%."

ClaudicatioNet tablets

Choosing for Softmedia

"By means of a pitch, several companies were invited in. There were companies that doubted whether they would be able to do that, which of course fell off immediately!" says Loes. ClaudicatioNet had confidence in Softmedia, they came across very well and were very well-organized and hip! From the first moment we had good contact!

How does a process go from nothing to such a complete and complex website?

"From the first moment we had good contact, first we often sat down with a whole team of Softmedia, now we have a permanent contact person. Everyone at Softmedia has lots of good ideas, they are very creative. They really want to help us, think along and be enthusiastic."

"I can reach them well and they quickly come up with a solution. This solution is neatly explained through the mail. In short: they do what they have to do and are precise and clear. Also a nice point: there is a friendly atmosphere."

"Because of the website we have much less administration.
This is one example of a process that has been optimized."

And Loes, how do you see Softmedia?

"Softmedia is a good choice right from the start, making clear, hip, attractive websites that are easy to use and manage."


What benefits does Claudicationet experience?

"Because of the website we have much less administration, because the system works fine, we no longer have to send things by mail, so people can simply upload certificates from their home. Previously they had to scan their certificate, post it, and we had to scan it again and put it into our system. This is one example of a process that has been optimized. "

Why is a good website important to you?

"We tell hospitals that Claudicationet does everything digitally, there is a "Care Seeker" on the website that hospitals use to refer patients to affiliated physiotherapists. If this does not work, we have complaining hospital staff on the phone because they can not help their patients properly. Physiotherapists also get angry when the administration is not right. Thanks to Softmedia we can prevent this from happening. "

What rating do they get from you?

"The guys at Softmedia are very accessible, I really expected nerds behind a computer, but that's not the case with Softmedia," Loes says laughing.

Softmedia receives an 8.5 from ClaudicatioNet

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