Communication Advisor at Van Wijnen

Anja Gouw

Anja Gouw works at Van Wijnen N.V. as a Communication Advisor. She is responsible for a large part of the marketing and communication. Softmedia has developed the corporate website and intranet for Van Wijnen N.V. Anja talks about the collaboration with Softmedia.

Van Wijnen intranet

More than 2,000 employees from 25 locations

The people at Van Wijnen develop, build, maintain and manage from 25 locations in the Netherlands. The lines are short, to each other and to everyone who works with us. The head office is located in Baarn and there are more than 2,000 employees in total.

responsive intranet

What was the reason?

We were looking for a more social intranet. Always available for everyone, even outside the office and on mobile and tablet. The ability to share news at branch level and receive notifications based on personal wishes. A real-time link with the workforce, so that the employee overview is always up to date for showing the colleague list, with the birthdays, anniversaries, etc. The ability to react anywhere and to stimulate extra interactivity and cooperation.


"For example, the design phase went very smoothly. They very quickly created the right look and feel we were looking for. "


How it used to be?

There was a static component on which internal news was posted. It was totally non-interactive and people had to log in themselves to see if something new had been posted and whether it even applied to them.

Intranet screenshot

How is it now?

Very good! We are especially satisfied with the interactivity. Employees can indicate which topics they find interesting and which branches they want to be kept informed of. When something is published that meets their preferences or when someone is mentioned in a message, the relevant employees automatically receive a notification on their phone. This way, the intranet is no longer a "sending platform" where employees have to look for new information themselves. The intranet is now being used a lot more, it has become more alive among colleagues and it really contributes to mutual cooperation and productivity.


"We experience the cooperation with Softmedia as very pleasant. When something is done, it usually works perfectly. And if things do not go as planned, they are quick problem solvers."


Why did you choose Softmedia?

We have very good experiences from the past through the development and maintenance of our corporate website and various separate project and product websites. The Softmedia method appeals to us very much. They often deliver projects in parts. We first developed the intranet for about 80%, put it live and then asked all colleagues about their experiences and suggestions for improvements. Based on this input we have continued with the expansion of the intranet. We have an intranet that many colleagues are very happy with.

How would you describe Softmedia?

They have both knowledge of design and technology. When something is done, it usually works perfectly. And if things do not go as planned, they are quick problem solvers. They helped us with user-friendliness and everything looks nice.

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Would you recommend Softmedia to others?

"Yes, for sure! We've experienced the cooperation with Softmedia as very pleasant."​


That is why Anja would definitely recommend Softmedia and gives Softmedia a: 8​

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